Dashboard and Task Manager

Peak Web Systems provide one of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) available today.

Peak Web Systems empower RTOs with a fully integrated system for LMS, CRM, CMS, Emails, Payments, Dashboard, Tasks & Compliance Manager with the famed Auto Marker. This isnt just an LMS system but a complete 24 * 7 available system that with a full LMS also manages your students, compliance, urgent tasks, web site content, administration, student reminders and tasks and highlights urgent tasks on the system dashboard. The auto marker alone will save your trainers time and money allowing them more time to manage more students and classes. It has a complete auto-backup system as well and is highly available with zero downtime in the last 2 years! 

Let Peak Webs Cloud Systems manage your RTO informaton system where it gives students 24 * 7 access, auto-marking to assist trainers, payment management and so much more. Read more about the many benefits to your RTO by Peak Web Systems.
Provides pie chart graphs on key analytics 
Allows you to get a snapshot of the entire operation or students being managed for the trainer level 
Quickly indicates healthy areas and areas needing more attention 
Pie chart graphs on student level of work completed 
Pie chart graphs on student level of attendance 
Pie chart graphs on student level of payments 
Pie chart graphs on tasks that are completed, due or overdue 
Allows you to zero in on key areas needing attention without having to find such items 
Allows tracking and direct messaing to students or the tema for work to be completed 
Tasks are sent immediately to the respective trainer, admin or student 
Tasks can even be given to the marketing team so that growth of new students and potential classes can also be tracked 
Analytics are also given on the dashboard for completed and overdue tasks
Let Infinity Education highlight the students and items that are overdue for a compliance update 
The system prompts the students what and when items requiring compliance musts be updated 
The system stores all the international sutdents visa details and date of expiry as well as documents 
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