Make a Profit on us in 1 Term

Peak Web Systems product Infinity PCX provides one of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) available today. While it becomes clear the system is an ideal cloud IT solution for RTOs - the mosst surprising thing is that you can be making a profit on our system from the first term. A significant profit. We also give a free trial to prove that you cannot lose with our systems.

Peak Web Systems empower RTOs with a fully integrated system for LMS, CRM, CMS, Emails, Payments, Dashboard, Tasks & Compliance Manager with the famed Auto Marker. This isnt just an LMS system but a complete 24 * 7 available system that with a full LMS also manages your students, compliance, urgent tasks, web site content, administration, student reminders and tasks and highlights urgent tasks on the system dashboard. The auto marker alone will save your trainers time and money allowing them more time to manage more students and classes. It has a complete auto-backup system as well and is highly available with zero downtime in the last 2 years! 

Our system provides complete interactive web-based pages that can be loaded answered and assessed in seconds
Students gladly pay your RTO an ELearning Fee of $100 to $150 per term per student for the 24 * 7 advantage 
For an RTO of just 200 studnets this is $20,000 to $25,000 per term - that alone is far more than our annual fee
For one year an RTO can easily generate $80,000 to $100,000 in Elearning Fee alone 
With all the benefits your RTO can make over $100,000 in profit on our system from year 1 
Our auto-marker will have you cut assessment payments to trainers by 80% 
Trainers are freed from frustrating assessments to have more time for students and other classes 
Our email blaster helps you sell other courses such as Advanced Diplomas to Diploma graduates 
Our AWS hosting platform provides high availability at 99.9% up-time from just $199 per month 
Our automated checking on due work and preventing and managing issues automatically means more time for more students 
Students have a better RTO online experience unlike cumbersome systems like RTO manager with thousands of pdf downloads 
Happier students mean more referrals to your RTO 
We will provide our system for 2 classes over 1 term so you know the benefits compared to your existing system 
You get paid back unless you are certain of our system benefits to the RTO management, trainers and students 
You will also make a "profit" on this trail term - by putting in the Elearning Fee for this trail
With a better education system, profit to make from term one and a money back guarantee - lets start now!
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