Geo Targeting SEO

Geotargeting, or local PPC, is an AdWords feature that lets you target your ads to only appear to customers in a certain location, or set of locations, that you specify. For businesses that rely on foot traffic (like restaurants), proximity (like used car dealerships by city), and deliveries (like an e-store that ships to certain countries but not others), geotargeting is essential. With geotargeting, you won’t squander your ad budget on wasted clicks from people who are outside your target area.
“For every AdWords campaign that you launch, Peak Web Systems can choose the countries or regions as well as the languages that you want for your ad. The campaign ads you’ve made will only appear to the consumers located in those areas and who have chosen one of the languages as their preference.” So, does this geo targeting appeal to you?
Geo Targetting
  • Targeting based on physical location – This is targeting consumers based on keywords you used including the IP of the searcher.
  • Targeting based on location of interest – Users who search for “SEO experts in (area)” by default, will be targeted in your geo targeting campaign since they’ve specified interest in SEO experts.
  • Targeting based on session-based matches - In determining the ads shown on Google search result page, the basis of AdWords system is the user's prevailing search term and some previous searches on the same search session. In case the system detects any relationship, ads related to these will be shown too.