iPad/Tablet Applications and Web Systems


Both Apple and Android have been capturing more mobile customers in the enterprise arena, but Apple's iOS has been the dominant force thanks to growing demand for the iPad, according to mobile-software provider Good Technology. Good's latest quarterly data report (PDF) found that more smartphones and tablets in general have been flooding the workplace. But Apple's iOS has led the way, grabbing 80 percent of all device activations in the enterprise seen by Good during the second quarter. That marks an increase from just less than 70 percent in the first quarter.

Peak Web Systems have an iPad/Tablet Marketing System named PMX that runs on both iPads and also on all Android tablets such as the Android tablet range. This Marketing system has a vast array of marketing functions that are listed below. Overall the PMX system provides an impressive slide-show presentation and also emails a micro web site to the prospect after the presentation while filing all the details of the prospect and presentation automatically into the PCX CRM system. Please click Contact Us to arrange a presentation of PMX for your sales and marketing team.

  • Ability to set-up impressive slide-show display from your product range. The presentations run on any iPad, tablet or PC 
  • Presentations can be customised for different prospects and promotions 
  • Presentation can be copied and adapted for fast-track presentation development 
  • After the presentation the prospect is emailed the presentation as a micro web site link giving powerful sales traction by leaving a lasting impression of the presentation to the client and bringing them back to your company web site long after the presentation
  • Rate and review statistics on the sales presentations and sales team
  • All the prospect details can be integrated into our PCX CRM system or your own CRM system 
  • Multiple staff login capability