NEC Dealer Network

Peak Web Systems are proud to be the IT managers of the NEC National Dealer Network that manages the price and product details for all of NECs Desktop Monitors, LCD Public Displays and Projectors. This system provides both multiple administrators and multiple user login access. NEC's approved dealers can login and access all the product price and detail information in PDF, Excel or web page formats. The system has a wide range of downloadable data including:

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies & FAQs
  • Warranty and Service Details
  • Comparative price book excel listing for all products

NEC Dealer System

The NEC National Dealer Network system also provides tracking reporting to the NEC management on Dealer activity in the system. This allows the NEC management to assess the performance of their dealers by tracking and reporting a range of criteria including the session start and end date / time, contact details, web pages viewed, entry web page & exit web pages. The NEC National Dealer Network system tracking reporting is automatically emailed to the NEC management so that they can receive the summary status of Dealer Activity automatically without having to login to the system. Reports can be sent hourly, 2 hourly, 4 hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 3 monthly and annually. The various report types include:

  • NEC Dealers - Highest / least activity summary report
  • NEC Products - Highest / least activity summary report