The Total SEO Solution

Peak Web Systems brings you the best SEO digital strategy benefits possible by optimizing your entire digital operation. For example there is little value in just increasing web search budget if web visitors still cant easily find what they are searching for at your web site. So getting increased traction on your web site is a key to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) from your search budget. The following 4 phase strategy will achieve a dramatic increase of both web traffic and conversion to sales as it did for Clarendon Homes who have up to 380,000 page views monthly. A wholeistic strategy means far more than increasing web visits, it means a better overall experience where visitors buy and make enquireies and come back to purchase or refer their friends. 

Phase 1 Drive far more traffic to your web site up to 300% to 20,000%

Increase web traffic from different digital streams and also integrate the web campaigns clearly on all other media such as print, radio and TV to provide a clear cohesive marketing strategy. In all cases tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords Analytics should be used to know the priority web sites, locations, time periods and so on.

  • Step 1 Maximize the ranking of search engines for both organic and paid web searches. Apply SEO geo-targetting to maximise your return on investment (ROI) by spending budget only on your target locations
  • Step 2 Maximize the leverage of referral web sites by cross-linking
  • Step 3 Maximize mobile web sites that are now 50% of searches for local products
  • Step 4 Maximize social media integration FB, Twitter, YouTube, Google+

Phase 2 Ensure the increased web traffic get better traction using Peak Extra Traction (PXT) 

If you don't get traction for one time web visitors they are gone forever. Phase 2 is about getting the absolute maximum benefit from your phase 1 investment. 

  • Step 5 Excellent web design & navigation ensures buyers are confident and satisfied from the home page so they stay and commit to exploring the site. This is crucial to first time visitors. 
  • Step 6 Maximize marketing for better traction so buyers register – for product sampling, demonstration nights, information nights, email a friend, register interest & save favorites. 
  • Step 7 Automated CMS integration to business portals like for the property market.

Phase 3 Sell and upsell to the increased volume of web visitors who are ready to purchase

We have increased the web traffic so now lets maximize the closure of sales and upselling to web visitors.

  • Step 8 Have a clear "Call to Action" at the web page listing your products or services. This includes functions to Buy Now, Discounts for Volume, Save to Favorites or Email a Friend. 
  • Step 9 Provide web visitors' options to upsell by listing complimentary services or products or a list of items that other web clients also purchased with the current item listing. 

Phase 4 Leverage existing clients and prospects with a cloud based CRM

Buyers and prospects are now in the local database system to leverage and follow-up. This further leverage will achieve maximum benefits of phase 1, 2 and 3.

  • Step 10 We have the database of buyers and prospects in a cloud based Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). We can leverage to close sales & get referrals via email campaigns, information nights & loyalty promotions.