Search Engine Optimising - SEO

Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is a technique that allows your web site and mobile web site to attain the best results in search engine listing results for your desired target market demographic and target location. Peak Web Systems has a high level of expertise in each of these steps and this translates to both more suitable and higher volumes of web visits as well as the crucial traction to convert these web visits into sales, registrations and where they also provide a source of testimonies or referrals.

  1. Google AdWords secure page 1 ranking from day 1. Google AdWords is the only way to achieve page 1 Google rankings from the first day of your campaign. At Peak Web Systems we provide the best consultation and can run your AdWords campaign to ensure optimal value of your AdWords spend and conversion rate to sales. Our detailed analysis can also allow for multiple AdWords campaigns to provide higher budgets on or near weekend periods where companies have surges in weekend search activity allowing better value for money. We also can balance AdWords budgets so the most successful keywords and keyword groups get the best spend and have the most suitable landing pages.
  2. Dual SEO/SEM Campaign with organic & Google AdWords. Peak Web Systems provide you the best of both the organic and paid AdWords to maximize your search rankings. Peak Web Systems provide consultation and expertise to give you the best results while also making proposals and executing changes to optimize your keywords, web and mobile platforms so they are fully integrated and optimized for search, your campaigns and achieve the best conversion rate of visits to sales.
  3. SEO Friendly Web Design. Peak Web Systems can also assist to make or advise on web changes to key SEO areas of your web site such as web links, referral linking, cross linking, URLs, web page content and meta tags. As well as SEO it is also important that web pages have relevant content and especially that key landing pages make new web visitors confident and clear in the product/service features and benefits, company experience and any product warranty. 
  4. Web Analytics. You can’t determine success or failure of any of your internet marketing activities if you do not track and measure their effectiveness. Peak Web Systems use Google Analytics and we also link in your AdWords campaigns. Peak Web Systems are unique in that we also report on web client traction that is typically beyond Google Analytics.
  5. Mobile Web Sites. As searches for local products and services is now run 50% by mobile devices, it is no longer suitable just that your company PC web site can be viewed by a mobile phone. You now need to have a mobile web site that is built specifically for smart phone users. The user navigation, web content, page speed and links to Google Maps must all be clear and specifically designed for mobile devices. Also mobile device users will apply search more often as search is faster to enter than typing a web site into a web browser. 
  6. Ranking and Traffic Analysis. Check where you are today to be able to compare it with data in the future. Look for trends and evaluate the success of your goals. You did set goals that are measurable I hope. Improving ranking is important for SEO, but more important than the ranking is the traffic that comes with it. 
  7. Conversion Analysis. Peak Web Systems report to you on conversion analysis on a range of online sales criteria and also beyond sales where web visitors have been encouraged to register interest, save favourites, sign-up for information sessions or to share a web page with a friend.